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Ski but make it FASHION

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had a blessed and safe holiday season! When is the last time you did something that scared you? When you live in fear you're putting limits on your life. I made a decision years ago to face my fears one by one. I started the new year off with a new adventure. One characteristic I love about myself is that I'm spontaneous. I woke up early Monday morning and wanted a new experience so I booked a flight to Denver, Colorado to leave in three days! If you know me, you know I highly dislike cold weather so for me to visit Colorado in the winter it's totally different.

My vacation dates were from January 2-7, 2020. I flew from Atlanta < > Denver. I stayed at the AC Hotel Denver (the new Marriott). Since this was my first visit to Colorado, I wanted to stay downtown and commute to the ski resort because I love to explore. All the attractions were in walking distance from the hotel; restaurants, entertainment, and shopping. Attractions I visited: 16th St Mall- mile long mall located downtown Denver. Rocky Mountain National Park, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater- open air amphitheater built into a rock structure. Winter Park Resort.

Winter Park Resort is a 67 mile commute from Denver. The commute was scenic and beautiful but a little scary when you're not used to driving in snow. Upon arrival I rented ski gear. I wanted a fashionable ski suit so I ordered mine online before leaving and had it delivered to the hotel. Since this was my first time skiing, I took ski lessons. It was a group of six people with one instructor. I highly recommend ski lessons if it's your first time, knowledge reduces fear.

Travel tips: layer up, pack waterproof clothing items (puffer/coat), sweaters, thermal, ear muffs, mittens, snow boots, and hand/foot warmers. Do not pack cotton t-shirts. That's my recap of my first ski experience, I hope this information is helpful as you plan your vacation! Thank You for reading, feel free to Like, Share, and or leave a Comment below.

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