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My CHANEL Collection

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

Before fashion, my first love was designer handbags! Overtime, my interest in fashion grew. Now I’m in love with EVERYTHING Fashion! In this blog post, I will be sharing my capsule CHANEL collection. If I splurge on any item in my closet, it will be a classic luxe designer handbag or accessory. A classic handbag or accessory can elevate any look. For me, there is a process before splurging on any luxury item. I'm very selective on which brands and pieces I invest in. I take my time and perform thorough research before making a decision. I also read online reviews as well as watch YouTube reviews.

The Classic CHANEL handbag in Caviar leather with gold hardware has always been my dream handbag! CHANEL handbags are exclusive, classic, timeless luxuries. In my opinion, there is no better handbag. The Caviar leather is tough and doesn’t scratch or age as easily. I chose Caviar leather for it’s durability for everyday use.

You would think the purchasing process would be easy, but that wasn't the case for me and I've heard others have similar experiences. CHANEL only release limited quantities of the classic handbag, so I was placed on a waiting list. Yes, a waiting list to spend MY money. This was a learning process for me, I would check in with the CHANEL Boutique periodically, with no luck. However, approximately two years later I located my dream handbag while vacationing in Chicago. I will never forget the date, because it was Beyoncé’s birthday and I’m a huge Beyoncé fan! The CHANEL Boutique received a shipment the day before I arrived and had a few in stock. I was so excited! After purchasing my dream handbag, I thought I was done with my CHANEL purchases, but little did I know my obsession was just beginning.

My second CHANEL purchase was the Caviar Quilted Cardholder- the cardholder looks identical to the handbag. I’m able to store all my important cards, money, etc. I’m pleased with the amount of storage.

The CHANEL CC Logo Earrings- I love stud earrings, they are subtle and classy. Can be worn daily and compliments any outfit.

The CHANEL CC Brooch- Can be styled in several different ways. On a blouse collar/sweater, jacket/blazer, beret/hat, cufflinks; etc. A brooch adds flair to your outfit.

CHANEL prices increase periodically, so if you’re interested in purchasing keep that in mind. I absolutely love my CHANEL collection! I currently have everything that was in my goals to purchase, but I’m confident it will grow over the years. My collection will be in the family for generations.

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Michael Stuckey

Nice collection!

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