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Child's Play

This photo shoot took place at a playground in Rentz, Ga. We lived in the small town of Rentz when I was a little girl. It was so much fun reminiscing and enjoying the things I used to do as a child. I remember playing outside, games like hopscotch, hide and seek, double dutch, and tag. My favorite thing to do at the playground was swing. Swinging on a swing set is so exhilarating, seeing how high I could go, feeling the wind beat against my face, and my hair blowing in the wind are such fond memories. Times have definitely changed, children today indulge in video games and electronics and rarely go outside to play and use their imagination to create fun games. I'm so grateful I was raised in the country and have all these great memories with my family and childhood friends.

For this week's look, I'm wearing a denim jacket and denim mini skirt set. Denim sets are trending for Spring. When shopping, my goal is to purchase items that are versatile. This denim set can be styled multiple ways, for all seasons; worn together or as separates. For styling, I paired a band tee. Since the color is lavender, purple rain is appropriate, and who doesn't love Prince?!? For accessories, I paired my favorite black over-sized sunglasses, diamond stud earrings, silver fossil watch, and velvet cross choker. To add edge, I incorporated black fishnet stockings, as I like to say, channeling my inner Prince lol! For shoes, I'm wearing black booties. This look is edgy, don't be afraid to teeter the edge. Have fun with your fashion!

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Apr 13, 2019

Thank you for reading, I appreciate your continued support!


Apr 09, 2019

Everything you said is so true😏. I’m so grateful for my childhood and all of the beautiful memories, kids these days are just lost in social media. And love everything about this outfit, nailed it again!🤘🏽❤️

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