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Life-Size Barbie

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Hello Everyone, Spring has finally sprung!! Spring is one of my favorite seasons for several reasons! Reasons I love Spring, I love the smell of flowers, seeing the flowers bloom, daylight saving time, and the weather is perfect! Thank God, for the time change, I feel more productive with my day when it gets dark later. The temperature is cool and comfortable to enjoy outdoor activities. I can't wait to go glamping, hiking, rollerblading, and to ride my bike! As a child, I didn't enjoy the outdoors as much, but as I've gotten older I'm more active and love being a part of nature!

For this week's look, I wearing a beautiful white pleated midi skirt. Midi skirts are versatile and great for all sizes. I paired a screen tee; red and pink compliments each other, actually one of my favorite color combos! For accessories, I paired white sunglasses, red beret, transparent purse with silver chain, and my silver fossil watch. For shoes, I paired my favorite red Steve Madden booties. This entire look, minus the boots was purchased at Forever 21! This look is simple, chic, and fun! Oh, and did I mention affordable! Here are a few tips on styling midi skirts for Spring: 1. Midi skirt, tank top, denim jacket (wear across your shoulders), neck scarf, and loafer slides, 2. Midi skirt, blouse, and heels, 3. Midi skirt, crop top, and sandals, 4. Midi skirt, sweater, and ankle boots. I hope my styling tips are helpful and that this look inspires you!

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3 comentarios

13 abr 2019

Thanks ladies, I appreciate your positive feedback and support!

Me gusta

09 abr 2019

I love the addition of the beret to your look! It's such a small but significant detail to any outfit!

Me gusta

09 abr 2019

I absolutely adore how you combined this white pleated skirt with the pink & orange shades. So beautiful!😊

Me gusta
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