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"All Black Everything"

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

Black, on Black, on Black! The color black is bold, sexy, and prestigious. It's my favorite color, I honestly think I could wear black everyday. MAC cosmetics employee dress code is all black. When I'm shopping, I enjoy stopping by a MAC store or counter just to see how the employees style their uniform. Even though everyone is wearing the same color, everyone

has their own unique style.

For this look, I'm wearing a black turtleneck (purchased at forever 21), faux fur vest (purchased at forever 21), and black distressed skinny jeans (purchased at Express). For accessories, I paired a black leather Gucci belt (purchased at Gucci), black oversized sunglasses (purchased on amazon), black CHANEL handbag with gold hardware (purchased at CHANEL). For shoes, I decided to add print. When it comes to prints, leopard is my favorite. So, I added the perfect leopard print heels (purchased at Steve Madden).

Like I've stated before, I'm a label lover, I am enamored with designer accessories. The process for purchasing my Gucci belt was tiring to say the least. The belt was sold out in my size online, so I contacted a Gucci SA and was told my size was sold out in the United States. Not what I wanted to hear, but I'm relentless when it comes to something I want, I will not stop until I get it! I called several states to verify and overtime I finally found my belt! The funny thing is, I don't usually wear belts but I've worn this belt more than any belt I've ever owned. This look is simple, yet chic. This is an example of how having the right accessories can elevate your outfit!

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