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LUVME Hair: Headband Wig

Hello everyone, I hope you guys are doing well! Today I wanted to share a new product with you all. A lot of women have natural hair or at least attempted the natural hair thing like me lol and it didn't work out. If you're active in the gym, always on the go, or just don't enjoy doing hair, I got something for you. What if I told you I had a solution? A protective style, easy to install under 3 minutes, throw on and go, beginner and lazy girl friendly, no glue, no lace, and a realistic look! I was recently introduced to the headband wig by LUVME Hair. Yes, you read correctly, a headband with a wig attached, genius idea, right?

Hair details: I'm wearing the Body Wave High Density Affordable Headband Wig, length 22 inches. The color is black and it comes with 5 trendy headbands in a variety of colors.

If you're like me, I don't like doing hair or spending a lot of time on my hair. That's why the headband wig is perfect for me and it's super easy to install and style. To install, I put my hair back in a low ponytail because I don't know how to braid but if you know how to braid, I would recommend that you braid your hair. I prefer to leave my hair out in the front to make side bangs. There are different ways to install, you can wear your hair straight back, swirl and style your hair to make baby doll edges, or leave out a bang, the options are limitless. Next, position the headband wig on your head. There are clips inside to secure the wig in place. Lastely, insert the clips once you have it positioned for your liking.

I love the convenience and the versatility of the headband wig, the styling is limitless. I'm going to share 3 of my favorite styles: 1. my absolute favorite style is to wear my hair all down. I love my hair to flow without restrictions. 2. half up, half down: I prefer more of a messy hair look. I part my hair with my fingers and apply a small hair band to my liking. 3. low ponytail: for the days you want your hair pulled back from your face and off your shoulders. I left out my bangs and pulled my hair back in a low ponytail.

LUVME Hair is an affordable luxury wig company, they offer undetectable HD lace, frontal lace wig, headband wigs, full lace wig, quick weave, bob wig, U part wig, hair bundles, closure and frontal, tools and accessories. This is a paid collaboration blog post with LUVME Hair, however I've been a loyal customer for years. I love the variety, quality of the hair, the shipping is fast, and great price point! For all your wig and hair bundle needs, check out LUVME Hair! Use promo code: Dortea at check out and receive 23% off. Direct links for website and headband wig pictured:

Luvme Hair:

Body Wave High Density Affordable Headband Wig:

As always, Thank You for reading, feel free to Like, Share, and leave a Comment below.


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