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Clashing Prints

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

I LOVE prints and as I previously stated, Leopard is my absolute favorite! When you mix prints and patterns, you're making a Bold fashion statement! Here are a few ways you can mix prints: 1. Choose one print to dominate and one as an accent, 2. pair mixed prints with neutrals, 3. use the exact same pattern in a larger or smaller scale, 4. tie a plaid shirt around your waist to add print, 5. wear the same print in boldly contrasting colors. I treat stripes, camoflauge, and

leopard print as neutrals. For beginners, a good idea are stripes and polka dots!

For this look, I'm wearing a beautiful red plaid oversized blazer (purchased at Miss Guided) and a white tee with black lettering (purchased at forever 21). I chose to pair this with leopard print skinny jeans. Both prints are bold, I love how the two prints collide and compliment each other! For accessories, I'm wearing my gold stud earrings (old), gold fossil watch, black lace choker (purchased at Lulus), CC logo CHANEL brooch, and black roll down clutch (purchased at Forever 21). When you're mixing prints with your outfit, you typically want your shoes to be neutral however, there are some exceptions. For shoes, I am wearing black ankle booties (purchased at Lulus). I hope this look inspires you to step out of your comfort zone, experiment with mixing prints and patterns, and be BOLD!

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Mar 31, 2019

You're welcome, Thank you for reading LaKisha!


LaKisha Calhoun-Henley
LaKisha Calhoun-Henley
Mar 02, 2019

Thanks for sharing Missguided! Just downloaded the app I needed a new store. This blazer is LYFE!


Michael Stuckey
Jan 13, 2019



Karena Watkins
Karena Watkins
Jan 11, 2019

You can put anything together and still look great! 😍

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